10 Wardrobe Essentials Every Girl Should Own

 H.O Anny

Every girls dream is to look beautiful and chic so much that all attention is on her. Being girly has nothing to do with how much money you have or how much designer fashion you can afford, it is more about your perception to listening to the little things that matter. This is why I have put together the basic wardrobe essentials every girl especially a Nigerian girl should own, going for a lecture, party, interview, you don’t need to break the bank, just have these basic things are you are good to go.
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1. A Plain Black Top.

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Instead of wasting that money you don’t have on stripes or white T which can’t even serve you for more than once at a time, why not go for a plain black top? It is very easy to wear, comes in different shapes and sizes, with a black top/T-shirt, you can easily pair with a fancy skirt, jean trousers or pants of any type.

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2. A Beautiful Blazer
Now many people are not of the opinion of owing a suit, it is usually too formal or can be uncomfortable. Except the occasion strictly demands that you have a suit on, a blazer is the best way to escape wearing a suit.

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Most times your budget determines how good your blazer would look except you decide to opt for the fair used which is also a good idea

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 Invest in a very elegant blazer on your budget which can serve you for as long as you want, whether for a lecture, interview, general meetings and many more.

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3. A Pair of Jean Trousers
Every woman deserves a jean trouser, very simple and easy to wear for any informal occasion.

 No ironing, stressing or headache, you can even increase the size with warm water in case you add on extra weight. A jean trouser can be styled any way you want to.

4. Slipper and Sandals

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For an everyday look, you need some of these, the best thing to do is to invest in really good slippers once in every six months, they last and serve you for as long as you can.

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5. A skirt

Skirts are the most dynamic form of fashion because they come in different shapes and sizes. Choosing a skirt depends a lot on your believes, sense of style more than it depends on your budget.

6. Hand bags
Investing in handbags seems like a thing these days as people now show out more than ever when it comes to buying handbags or fashion bags. This is very essential for a girl, having a place to keep our things while we stroll the street feels safe and secured. However, the bigger your pocket, the better when it comes to getting quality bags.

7. A pair of plums or a flat shoe

The type of shoe you invest in mostly depends on your personality. Some people go for classes/lectures in heels while others simply prefer a flat ballet shoe. Some would never even try to wear a plum to a party; however, if you would choose a plum, you have to choose from the best.

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8. Head tie/scarf

Whether for church, as hijabs, to protect hair from rain, as mufflers, to cover your cleavage, as belts, you cannot do without a scarf in your wardrobe. They are easy to wear and very colourful which enunciate your dressing.

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9. Earrings
Every girl loves a beautiful earring, also choosing a earring depends on your personality, some women love bogus and expensive earrings while some love a simple and small earring. 
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Every girl deserves a beautiful hearing.

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10. Ankara styles

For every Nigerian and non-Nigerian reading this, investing in Ankara could never give you an L. How you rock Ankara styles depends on your boldness when it comes to choosing your fashion. Paying attention to Ankara colour and designs are keys to getting the best out of it.

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