The need for pregnant fashion has increased over the years as women now want to feel sexier and sexier during pregnancy unlike how lay down they are expected to be. The need for maternity clothing has increased because women have demanded for it over and over in the last few decades. It helps fashion to adapt to the change in the body size during pregnancy. Now you just don’t have to tie wrapper everyday for the nine months, or wear excruciatingly painful clothing that won’t allow you or your baby to breathe well, we have Lane Bryant to praise for this has she opened for a maternity clothing sales in 1904. These have been changed and modified till date that any pregnant woman can choose a beautifully fitted maternity dress for her different stages of pregnancy

When to start shopping for maternity clothes.

This totally depends on your body. Most women hardly show in the first trimester so they carry on with their regular dresses. Some women don’t even show till they are twenty five weeks gone with the only difference being slight increase in their lower stomach and they not been able to button down their regular shirt while some women start to show as early as the eighth or ninth week, so this totally depends on your body shape, height and size.

What to expect when shopping for maternity clothes.

When you are very excited about being pregnant, you tend to go all the way out, wanting to show your bumpy stomach, feeling proud of yourself and all that. Don’t be crushed when you go to the market and find out that all the beautiful dressed you’ve been eyeing can no longer size you. You should humbly seek for a maternity shop so you don’t get your heart broken every time you try a dress on because truth be told, they might not size.
Now, you need to understand that your body will change over the cause of the next nine to ten months, therefore, the clothes that fit you perfectly at the third month might or won’t fit you in the next three month except you want to suffocate your little fetus. So you have three choices;

1. To get clothes with hope of going shopping every month till you have your baby (if you are financially buoyant and don’t mind giving your dresses away) or

2. You buy clothes big enough for you till you have your baby and have a tailor adjust it for you till you put to bed.

3. Get materials for your tailor to make some maternity clothing for you, which would have as much allowance as necessary to keep you with your body. Either ways, it’s nothing easy especially when you would always be grump and moody.

5 wardrobe essentials for a pregnant woman.
1. T-shirts.
Any type of t-shirt will be your best friend during this period because as mentioned earlier, it’s very easy to adjust Ts. Make sure the shirts are stretchy as well so it helps you to keep up with your changing body. You can rock a T-shirt with any type of look.

2. A maxi skirt/gown.
Any clothing that is loose on your stomach is a yes deal for you, shop basically maxi dresses that’ll give your stomach breathing space. It also keeps up with your changing body every day, in addition to this, a maxi dress will keep you in a very light mood because your chances of getting uncomfortable is closer to zero.

3. Leggings
Not the firm waist leggings do, go for the very elastic legging that’ll stay loose on your stomach. It helps you to feel free and admirable.

4. Underwear
As a pregnant woman, you will hardly see your sexiness through the mirror; it has to come from within because your body is changing from what you used to know. Get underwear that keep your body fresh and free, this is not the best time for tight undies.

5. Sexy Lingerie and Little Dresses
The sexy lingerie would help you in the other room. Helping yourself to stay sexy includes making yourself appealing to your men. Don’t worry, he loves you either way but he’ll want you more when you look very appealing to him. When you are in alone with him, you’ll need one of this two.

What to look out for when choosing maternity clothes
There are basic things to look out for to help you enjoy your choices at the end of the day, if not, you’ll get home with your grumpy self and after few weeks, you’ll start blaming yourself for your selections.

1. look for the very stretch clothing material. This is good for you and your growing baby, it helps to keep your clothes for as long as possible and it keeps up with you every step of the way.

2. make sure your choices are sheer proof. You would like to test your clothes or materials against sheerness as you tent to tear clothing faster at this stage. With the stretches and thin lines, you need to be sure that your new clothes won’t tear when you want to remove them or bend down to pick something.

3. choose clothes that can serve you even after maternity. Because your body tends to adjust back to how it used to be, if not totally then so some extent. You won’t remain bloated for life and the heaviness is going to go once you drop that extra weight. So make sure the clothes can serve you long after you give birth.

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