Top 10 Wardrobe Essentials For Men

H.O Anny

There is this notion about men when it comes to fashion selection that men don’t really care what they wear so far they feel very comfortable in whatever they have on unlike women who go out of their ways to look extravagant and exotic even if they are not so comfortable in their attires. However, this is a very wrong notion when it comes to men and their fashion choices. A lot of men do care to look good, wear expensive attires if they can afford them and surprisingly many of them love to have this impeccable cut and sharp fashion wears. Now as a boy/man who doesn’t have much to buy these high-end designer wears, there are actually few things you can possess that can help you to have that perfect fashion attention for your everyday look, go through our gallery of things every man should own, it is time to change that clothing you’ve been wearing for eighteen months

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1. A White T-shirt (round neck/button down)

With a round neck shirt, you can look as causal as you want and with a button down shirt, you can look as formal as you want. With a white t-shirt, you can never go wrong with your choice of accessories because it goes with all fashion favourite colours.

2. A Leather Boots/Sneakers.
Whether you choose the lace-up or the cover-up boot, you need a classic shoe that fit into your formal dressings either for classes, interviews amongst many others. So also for a sneaker, with a sneaker, you can never go wrong. 

Be selective with the type of product you choose as this might smear your beautiful overall dressings.

3. A Black or Grey Blazer.
Now not every man is daring enough to go out in a colourful dress especially with this age where a man who experiments with fashion is being labelled gay. So you can keep your cool, calm and collected sense of fashion with a black or grey blazer. A classic blazer gives you a very sharp look for days. Also, not everyone takes nicely to the idea of being in a suit, so this is an easy way out. A blazer can be paired with a jean trouser or a pant trouser

4. A Jean Trousers
This seems very basic and fundamental but what do you look out for in your choice of jean trousers? Most demins come in different sizes and shapes and men have now embraced having a very tight fitted jean trouser unlike before when it was left a little loose. I think your body shape also comes to play here.

5. A Pant Trouser.

A lot of men don’t take lightly with pant trousers unless they work a professional job and is required to come to work in pants. However, even if you don’t have such jobs, you can still decide to have this in your wardrobe, it gives you a matured fashionable look. You would need to have a slim Chinos trouser in your wardrobe.

6. Inner Wears.
These are a must have for men, ranging from boxer, briefs, singlet and many more. You need this to protect your clothes from sweats and other things that come from your body. Also this helps you to give your style a fashionable look.

7. A Grey Sweatpants.
As a man, this is a must have, either the short or the long sweatpants will do for many causal occasions such as sports, gathering or just a stroll through your surroundings. In addition to this, women look them a man in sweatpants and they fix their eyes below just like Anastasia Steel.

8. A Belt
As important as this fashion item is, a lot of men use a belt for years till they can’t find the holes anymore. This is a fashion accessory that should be taken seriously. At least two or three at a time would help you to preserve your fashionable outlook. If you have extra cash on you, you can even go for some exotic high-end fashion belts

9. A Bag Pack.
Unlike women who change bags every day, men are known for your loyalty to a bag which could serve them for as long as they want. Now with this fashion item, you have to be careful which bag back you use as it can change your beautiful outlook totally.

10. A Black Shade
Yeah, you heard it right. Get a black shade with your perfect cut out designs and you won’t believe how drastic your look would change from mediocre to ecstatic.

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