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It was a very sunny afternoon on 16/9/2016, shortly after my web designer David Odafe called me that he has finished working on the website. With excitement, I went through the designs and templates and as a starter, I felt very satisfied with his designs. However, one thing that kept playing on my mind was how a website about fashion, beauty and celebrity does not have a celebrity interview for the readers? (SECRETLY SHOP THROUGH OUR SEX TOYS) I mean the site is partly dedicated to our celebrities. You have to understand how hard it is to get a celebrity to grant an interview, especially if you are a newbie and not sure of how the entertainment industry works. So much for my optimism, I decided to not let that stop me. I got several e-mails and phone numbers, simply to start beseeching for few minutes of interview from some of our public figures, because I understand how this might play out, I didn’t have my hopes high in the sky.
I pressed send and anxiously waited for them to reply. Of course, none came in an hour, not even after twelve hours. I still kept hope that someone would reply me, so I waited and kept anticipating. Then I checked the second day and I saw that my messages have been read but no replies, some auto-replies made their ways back to my e-mail and I sighed heavily. The first day went so did the second and I just felt I’ll start all over again if none of them replied me.

Then that evening, on 18/9/2018, I got a message and it was from Anto Lecky.

“Hello Aona, can the questions be sent via E-mail? If there is anything else you require from me? Thank you”


WHAT? I screamed in my room, Anto not only agreed to grant the interview, she was willing to allow me have anything I needed, how can she be so generous? I thought to myself. She doesn’t even know me. In a hurry I replied her and explained everything I needed from her as well as the questions, all these while smiling ear to ear. I mean, how lucky I am to have contacted such a beautiful woman both inside and out. Everyone knows she is a lot different from her peers but you can never tell from this fake lifestyle we get to watch on social media. Anto reaffirms she is genuinely compassionate, benevolent and big hearted, therefore, you just have to see her for what she represents; humility.

Anto Lecky whose full name is Munirat Antoniette Lecky was a house member in the recently concluded Big Brother Naija, a show that showcases Nigerian talents amongst youth. Anto is an entrepreneur, model, actress, show host, brand influencer and a humanitarian. The interview questions vary from her image after the big brother show, her beauty routines, her fashion inspirations as well as her believes.
Read the interview below.
You might wonder how Anto is still one of the coolest housemates after the explosion of this year’s show, extending their cachet both home and abroad. I have always admired her for her simple but mostly iconic choice of fashion, this is what she has to say on that.

AONA: You are now in the public eyes and that might not have been surprising since the explosion of the Big Brother on television, have you been in any way forced to adopt an image and identity far from what you are. 

ANTO LECKY: No, I have actually stayed pretty true to myself. The only thing I caution myself about is my reaction to certain things. I may want to flare up or go off on someone, but I remember they will probably tweet about it, so I stay cool.

AONA: Have you learnt new things about yourself since you became famous? What are some of these things? 

ANTO LECKY: I learned that I can be friends with people of different ages, backgrounds, etc. I've also learned how to deal with bullshit pretty well. Some things you address, while other things you ignore. 

AONA: Would you have prepared yourself more if you knew fame would bring some type of people into your life? And how has fame changed you and the people around you? 

ANTO LECKY: You can't prepare yourself for fame. People are always evolving, so how they treat a celebrity today will probably change tomorrow. Just be strong in your character and you'll be fine. Fame hasn't changed me much. I'm still the same ol' G. I'm just encountering people I probably wouldn't have come across pre-fame. The people around me haven't changed either, but my family and friends are proud of me and don't hesitate to boast about me.

AONA: While you were in the house, many people got to see your divergent talent but is there a talent you wish you had shown viewers? 

ANTO LECKY: No I think I showcased most of my talents in the house. 

AONA: With your fame comes the need to re-invent your fashion and style, who would you name has been influential to your choice of fashion and styles. 

ANTO LECKY: My mom, Genevieve Nnaji,  lol she is just timeless and classic, from her hair down to her shoes. I look to her for all things really, not only fashion. And I would say my stylist, Noble Igwe. He makes sure anything I wear is something I actually like and feel comfortable in. We work on things that are different and edgy, yet modern and cool. 

AONA: What fashion items get the best of your money, that is what type of clothing you spend the bulk of your money on. 
ANTO LECKY: SHOES!!!!!! I just love shoes, and shoes can take a pretty basic outfit to the next level. Also, dresses for certain outings, though you can't really wear them again especially once posted on the 'gram.

AONA: You are an extremely beautiful woman, have you even been catfished? Can you share your experience? 
ANTO LECKY: No, I've never been catfished, thank God. But I have catfished someone. I created a fake Facebook page years ago to catch my boyfriend cheating. And recently, someone created a fake Instagram account for my hair care business, Anto Lecky X Taries Hair Builder. The young lady was just looking for attention from me, very weird. 

AONA: What are your favourite beauty tips? 

ANTO LECKY: Less is more. Less makeup, less manipulation to your hair, equals less stress and better skin and hair. Take care of the actual "foundation" (facial skin and hair) before thinking about using products like makeup or extensions to "enhance" them.  

AONA: Are you a foodie? 

ANTO LECKY: Yes! Food is the key to my heart. For many people being a foodie means eating a lot of food at once. For me being a foodie, is always being hungry and being adventurous in trying different foods. 
AONA:  Do people offer to pay for things you buy on outings? How does it make you feel? 

ANTO LECKY: I really don't go shopping these days because I get sent lots of clothes for free. It's always been strange to me that "celebrities" are expected to have more money than the average person, but get things for free lol. But I love it nonetheless.

AONA: Do you believe in love at first sight? 

ANTO LECKY: No, because I believe love has more to do with a connection built over time not by sight. Definitely lust at first sight but not love 

AONA: What in life still remains a mystery to you? And if you were God for a day, what would you change about the world? 

ANTO LECKY: I really want to understand how people can see the same situation and interpret it so differently. I wouldn't want to play God! That is scary, where does one begin.

AONA: What advice would you have given your pre-fame self? 
ANTO LECKY: Read fewer comments about you online, people have no idea what they are talking about. 

AONA: What are your forthcoming projects? What should we be expecting next from you?

ANTO LECKY: I recently launched my Anto Lecky X Taries Hair Builder luxury hair-care line. So that is my biggest project currently. But, hopefully you all will see me on a TV and cinema screen soon. I've had a few acting roles so far, and hope to act in a few more films before the year is up. I also plan to do more events hosting and working with more brands as an Influencer, so stay tuned!

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