Several decades ago, sex used to be a very sacred act meant to be between a man and his wife, just like God had decreed but you will agree with me that this is not the case anymore. Urges as we call it have taken over the thought of many people that some people can’t go a day without sexual satisfaction. Sex is no longer a big deal, virgins are now shamed for being what they are, yes they are boring now. The ‘Slutwalk’ is bringing a new dimension to sexuality, even though it has its modern advantage; it has taken away God’s intention for sexuality. Girls are not encouraged to be proud to answering the name HOE, saying it doesn’t matter how many man you’ve slept with, you should not be shamed for it especially if men are not being shamed for having multiple partners. This is very similar to tit-for-tat when you think about it, we have a problem in the society and instead of looking for a way to solve this, we encourage another sector of the society to contribute to this problem.

Now this is not the purpose of this article, I just want us to talk about how girls stop caring about who they lay with anymore, I’m sure this has nothing to do with Slutwalk, does it? I’m sure you don’t even know what Slutwalk means (read about it here). This doesn’t have anything to do with the women that have monetise sex either, SMALL GIRLS WITH BIG GOD even though many are still SMALL GIRL WITH SMALL GOD. So why does the normal girl stop caring who she has sex with? Just the first date or first meeting and she is ready to get down with a man.

I’m sure the new age and time has not decreased the amount of oxytocin in a woman’s body. The oxytocin is the reason why women feel attached to a man after sex and even though men also release this hormone, it has been said that they also release the testosterone which reduces the impact of the oxytocin unlike women who release estrogens that increase the effect of oxitocyin. So why have women stopped getting attached unlike before when they can only stick to one body count? Why do some women jump from bed to bed?

This is in no way a post to shame women’s sexuality as they all should be allowed to explore their body the ways that they want but we also have to be mindful that in this part of the world, ignorance rules the day. Increase in sexual partner has increased unwanted pregnancy amongst women, abortion, sexually transmitted deceases as women don’t understand how to take care of themselves, therefore falling prey to the hands of these hormonal men walking around with a lunch box of STIs and STDs. A post like this wouldn’t have ever come up if women were educated enough to take care of themselves but sadly, this is not the case around here. So even though, sex is still a very secret act, women have become more fluent with who they sleep with, let us talk about some of these reasons.

§  Women are tired of being side-lined, you read that right. They are tired of being told that fornication and adultery is a very bad thing until it’s a man who is involved in it and then it becomes a ‘man thing’. Women now want to experience that freedom in exploring their sexuality, tasting and measuring different men’s sexual prowess. Especially now that being a virgin is termed boring, and having a good sexual experience is a major criteria to keeping a good man, why shouldn’t they experiment with every man they come in contact with, I mean experience is the key, isn’t it?

§  Why can’t they? I mean if a man can do it, why can’t they be allowed to do it? If no one knows when and where the act is happening, then they can sleep with as many men as they want, isn’t it? No one really knows your body count except you, you can have a body count of 50 and claim 2, no one would really know. So women now have the freedom to do whatever they want and that’s what they are doing.

§  It’s adventurous. Having multiple sexual partners is a sexcapade many people can’t boast of, especially women. As traditional as they are meant to be, many have broken free and are now enjoying what their male counterpart is enjoying. So it’s now fun to sleep with men even if money is not involved. Talk about the Friends with benefit arrangement, you will be surprised that women don’t even demand for money again, a change in the algorithm

§  Out of sheer curiosity. Have your been taught in church or mosque that stealing is bad when you were a little girl/boy? Did you not go ahead and steal your mama’s fish or meat when she wasn’t looking? Yes women know that having multiple sexual partners might be sinful but who is judging? What will happen if they do? Curiosity did kill the cat like they say but that is for an unsuspecting cat. Before now, girls are always scared of what might happen if they get caught in an illicit act, but now it seems they don’t really care anymore

§  Looking for who to trust and be secured with. This has a lot to do with physical more than emotional. Some girls have a very high sexual urges and many men would not be able to keep up, so why not keep trying them men out till you find your perfect match? You ask me? As much as that might feel right to you, you always have to be mindful.

§  Heartbreaks and bitter experiences. Oh you have never been heartbroken, never felt that sting when you think of someone and all the promises you made to each other. You have never been shattered to pieces? Yes some girls have been through it and the best way for them to get out of it is to have sex with men to see if they can erase the presence of their ex(es) away from their body and thought. You never know until you are there, and you might be stronger than they are but some people are very weak and fragile when it comes to holding their emotions in. Don’t judge.

§  Victims of sexual assault usually turn out to be sexually active. Some victims grow to detest sex while some have grown to get controlled by it. So Nymphomaniacs who are victims of sexual assault would likely not be able to stop having sex with just anybody they meet, whether they have a physical attraction with them or not.

§  Non-monogamous relationship. I’m sure by now you have heard about Polyamorous relationships, open relationship and ménage. These sorts of relationships allow you to have sexual partners other than the people you are in a relationship with.

So when you think about all this, it seems women might have the right reason to jump from one sexual partner to another and not really care about who they sleep with, whether they are in a real relationship or just fooling around. Should they be blamed? Should they continue to be respectful to a value of double standards? Do you think things will balance out on the long run? Or you think this is the beginning of the end for the female specie. Drop a comment of what you think below and you might be one of our lucky winners.



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