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The essence of setting up Teazers Cabaret is to attract and provide pleasure mostly for the crème-de-la-crème. The club was formerly known as Cassbah, its located not too far from Ocean Blue. On a visit, our investigator said he was greeted by female ushers clad in t-shirts and hot pants as well as daunting and well-dressed bouncers who collect a gate fee of N1,000. Many patrons can be found along corridors and balconies drinking and socializing. The furnitures are arranged in a sitting room pattern, one is more likely to see well suited gentlemen and other more formally-dressed crowd. Located on 27, Opebi Allen Lagos, the music was much mellower than other clubs, the show arena proper serves a dual purpose as dance floor and performance spot for the girls. One is likely to believe its just another exquisite Lagos night club, but the classy poles which are situated on the either extreme of the room.


At Club Unique, girls also take turns to entertain the largely male audience with their erotic dance steps. They climb a silvery pole with ease and seductively. While dancing, some of the girls occasionally pull the straps of their bikinis and reveal sexy, sensuous cleavages. Commended for their interior décor, a manager at the club who preferred anonymity told our reporter that nude club owners in Lagos would soon turn the city to Las Vegas, a city in America noted for luxury hotels and CASINOS. Club Unique, located on Ogundana Street, off Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Like in most nude clubs, the rules are unwritten. But as events unfold, older patrons and club managers advise new comers accordingly.

At Club Unique, lap dance patrons tip the dancers with naira notes. The acceptable minimum amount is N1,000. When a lap dancer is ‘working’ on a client, male or female, she or he is expected to reach deep into his or her purse and stuff money in the girl’s bra and pant. To have a go at the VIP section of the club attracts a payment of N10,000, payable to the club as rent and another N5,000 or N10,000 to the girl for her services. On week days at the club, gate fee attracts the sum of N2,000, while as much as between N4,000 and N4,500 is paid on weekends and during public holidays.


Strategically located along Joel Ogunnaike Street, in Ikeja GRA, Lagos, a few meters from the famed Lagos Country Club, Upscale and urbane, it attracts mainly the upper class, who have enough money to burn to get a peep of the class of girls paraded by the club. 2Face Idibia and Ruggedman are allegedly two of the many celebrities who are regular callers at the place. To gain entrance into the premises of the club, according to a bar tender says it attracts no fee. But how far you can go if you are just there to relax is the open bar, and for the purposes of having some drink. To gain access into the main cave, an inner ‘dome shaped’ hall, where the strip events take place, a client has to cough out the sum of N5,000, as gate fee. This does not, however, cover the cost of drinks the client might consume or the cost of lap dances he might be treated to. The main cave comprises of the main hall, where all activities take place and a VIP section, where ‘big’ clients could have a special lap dance session with one of the totally naked beauties, who dot the club.

At The Cave, a lap dance of about 10 minutes, or depending on the girl’s interest in the client, costs between N3,000 and N5,000. A go in the VIP section costs between N20,000 to N30,000; covering the rent of the section and the lady’s fee. Activities in this club, like all other clubs in that league, including a turn by turn erotic dance steps by the completely nude girls, packaged in a manner that the largely male audience can’t resist, also attracts additional fees.


Ocean Blue (now christened Solid GOLD), located on Opebi Road, Ikeja, Lagos, very close to Tastee Fried Chicken, was one of the clubs affected when the Lagos State Government unleashed its Task Force on strip bar operators. It is among the old set that introduced the business in Lagos. A call at Ocean Blue, from the outside, reveals little to indicate that strip activities go on inside. The club has also become very security-conscious, despite the fact that they now have a free atmosphere to carry on with their business. Week days at Ocean Blue attracts a gate fee of N2,000. And like in all strip bars, the gate fee only guarantees an entrance into the bar or strip section.

To get a lap dance attracts a flat charge of N1,000 per dance, except where a client decides to be generous to the dancer for a job well done. It costs N6,000 to use the VIP section of the club for a ‘special’ lap dance session.


Another club that has exhibited great doggedness in making a big statement in the strip business is Wall Street Bar, located at 70B, Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos. It is the smallest club in Ikeja as it can barely accommodate 50 clients at the same time. But what it lacks in size, it makes up with services. It is the only club in this class that operates during work hours. Providing skeletal services to customers without the strip show, which is only available at night, rumour has it that sometimes the dancers, when given enough tips, have oral sex with guests. Girls here have been noted on a few occasions to exhibit daring tendencies towards clients as they throw themselves at men with ease, allowing free fondling which in most strip bars run contrary to subsisting rules.

Gate taking at Wall Street Bar is pegged at N2000 per head on ordinary days. On weekends and public holidays, gate fee goes up to N2500. Clients are charged N1,000 per lap dance which lasts for about five to ten minutes. Wall Street Bar’s VIP section cost N4,000 for a client to make use of. The girls here are more generous in that some are willing to negotiate prices for VIP services. Another plus for this club is that the girls who are partly quartered in rooms on top of the club have access to rooms in which willing clients can have ‘full’ blast sexual experience with any girl of their choice. For this service, the client would part with N6,000 to the club as rent and about the same amount to the girl for her service.


Millennium Koko is conspicuously sited on Abdullahi Street, off Oke-Ira, Ogba, Lagos.The club, said to be owned by a businessman simply referred to as Joe, is thrilling clients with its great innovations in the business of strip dancing. A source close to the club disclosed that the strip dance routine at the place is being supervised by one Tina Ighodalo, of former Titty’s Bar.

Millennium Koko is said to parade the largest number of strippers, drawn from renowned university campuses in town. Aside the conventional nightclubbing which a lot of their clientele would enjoy, it also has over 20 suites for customers who wish to relax after having enjoyed the strip dance. Like the others, Millennium Koko also operates a VIP section where willing clients are accorded special lap dance and even more.

Before going to a strip club, you should read these tips to know what you are getting into.
To fully enjoy the pleasures of a cabaret these are tips you should follow;

1) Fee
The strip club is not a night club. In most clubs in Lagos (at least on the mainland) you can enter for free. To gain admission into Lagos you have to pay. Most strip clubs in Lagos charge at least N1,000 on the weekday and N1,500 on the weekends. Some high-end strip clubs charge from N2,000 upwards. Bottom line, there is no free entry.

2) No phones
In Yankee, you can see strip club patrons whip out their phones and take pictures. In Nigeria, this is a no-no. Pictures are not allowed in strip clubs. Nigerians are still very discreet about such things so strip club activities are hush, hush. In some strip clubs, you cannot bring out your phones from your pockets, while in others you can bring them out but not take photos.

3) Touching
In strip clubs in Lagos, touching is allowed, a whole lot of touching. You can touch the goods if you pay for a lap dance which usually starts off at N1,000. Apart from the strip tease on the stage, you can run your hands all over a stripper who you have paid to give you a lap dance.

4) Carry change
When going to the strip club, stuff your pockets with a lot of change. Chances are that you are going to need a lot of change once you get in there, like tipping the dancers and such.

5) V.I.P
Always be aware that in strip clubs in Lagos, there is always a V.I.P section. What happens in the V.I.P section? Anything you can think of. It usually costs a whole lot more to step into the V.I.P but as long as you have your money, your desires will come through.



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