Someone said relationship is a
scary ship to be in and like all ships on the high sea sometimes experience smooth sails and at other times the storm gets the best of them. At the start, pretty much every relationship brings with it warmth that are undeniably affectionate; but what happens when that warmness slowly turns to chills that are staggeringly unbelievable ? With relationships nobody can be fully prepared when those sweet smelling feelings are no longer there, so it’s only human nature to find the nearest exit. And breaking up most of the time present itself like the next available option. And, truth be spoken, breaking up isn’t that easy, nobody should make you believe otherwise.
Again, the truth is, Everyone deserves better,  everyone deserves a little bit of happiness and when it seems as though they aren’t getting it, it’s only natural that they go in search for it. Nobody wants to break a heart intentionally,okay,maybe some but it can only be a handful, sadist, and so because heartbreak, like death is inevitable, there are usually signs that are exhibited knowingly and unknowingly by partners who are at this crossroad.
They are always there, the signs, directly or indirectly, we just close our eyes to the light. But closing your eyes from what would definitely stay there until we open them isn’t the best solution, we are here to keep our eyes open so that we can prepare our heart and brace ourselves for the storm that might follow afterwards.

Humans, we are a creature of habit, having an almost certain way of doing things even without thinking.  When a partner is looking to break up, most often than not the first thing they do is create some form of distance. The calls and the texting are slowly stopping. In this way they limit anything and anyone that brings both parties together almost cutting off anything or anyone that might be a reason for sharing a common space.
It is usually not easy and certainly one of the hardest to pull off, especially if both parties usually did things together so they employ other tools to enable them land easy with their ploys;  they begin to lie.

Lying is the killer of any relationship though there had been several debate regarding lying being an ingredient to a lasting relationship, let’s leave that for now.  When partners begin to lie about who they hang out with and where they have been and why they couldn’t meet up as planned, it is usually because they are hiding something.

There is hardly a way of communicating properly when someone is insincere.  The momentary pause to rethink his thoughts, the long and awkward silence that comes with losing interest in the discussion, the almost non existent presence that traveled with his attention.  The list is endless which in turn takes the life out of any meaningful conversation thereby creating boredom and void, and ultimately giving room to more distance between the two of you. When you start seeing this signs, brace yourself …

Now, being totally disconnected doesn’t really draw the line, it leaves a door open for more. Anger is not something that just erupts out of nowhere.  It is like a hot mass of molten larva brewing underneath the earth, creating openings and weaknesses ready to escape at the slightest opportunity.  This pile up is usually over time, so be wary of a partner who all of a sudden explodes at things they ordinary wouldn’t fuss about.

Read this very slowly and let it sink in as deeply too.  The moment you start feeling like something is wrong it is prolly because it is. Never underestimate the power of your instinct . When you start feeling like you are bothering the person you really always want to talk to, it is usually because you are. Your feelings are yours, they are always with you.  Of course we know that our feelings sometimes go overboard so wherever you are going with your heart, always take your brain with you they work best together

Argument in a relationship is not completely something to frown at.  In fact,  a relationship without a little disagreement here and there is a pretty sick one and should be diagnosed and properly treated.  Growing up as kids, we understood that after fighting with our best friends we usually became closer than before.  And so it is in a relationship, we argue and quarrel and fight to understand and respect each others boundaries and differences.
People who are on the verge of breaking up usually don’t have the energy to put up an argument and so let things slide easily. Still,  this is not to excuse the constant nagging and fighting that comes when a partner thinks it would be the easiest way to breaking up and making it look like it was the constant disagreement that led to the separation.

Information builds up your knowledge base thereby giving you power.  Heartbreak no doubt is inevitable but you can be prepared for it and it might give you an easy blow but it still doesn’t mean it won’t hurt.  It will hurt but only less
Nina Simone said you have got to learn to leave the table when Love’s no longer being served.

Never take life Too seriously, learn to protect yourself if for nothing for the future that you will have.  Do not take because it didn’t work out before and give up on the wonderful life ahead of you. No experience is ever a waste, neither is any relationship .

I would like to know what you think so feel free to contact me with your personal experiences .



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