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Every girl is beautiful in her own way but the saying is that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder though sometimes we just have to be honest that there are some undeniable beauty walking around the earth with us which means even if you are blind, you cannot deny this trait in some people. However, not everyone is lucky enough to boast of a beauty beyond borders, so we have to accept that we are beautiful just the way we are and we are perfect just the way we were created. Thankfully, the invention of make-up has helped to eradicate to a large extent the barrier of beauty over the years and is still doing more. SECRETLY SHOP THROUGH OUR SEX TOYS

With this being said, have you ever wondered why you are still single even though you have an undeniable beauty? Or you have a great and undeniable personality? Or you smile every time you look in the mirror just admiring how well you’ve been created? Maybe you are even very comfortable in your skin, accepting you flaws and imperfection to be flawlessness and perfection? So why aren’t you in a relationship yet? Why aren’t you hooked up to your Mr. Right? Why aren’t you a bride yet especially if you are always a bridesmaid?

Sis, this is not the time to feel sorry for yourself or over-think your situation, yes, we have all been through one thing or another in the name of love and a lot of girls don’t really have the mind to jump into relationships like other, you might just be taking your time to heal, that is alright, you have all the time to nurture your broker heart from all the broken promises and your mental health is just as important.

Now heartbreak is out of the way, you are ready to take the world at its fullest and you start to search for Mr. Right. Oh, let’s even say you have never been heartbroken before, always in control of your heart, never been misunderstood before because you always state what you want without mincing words but still you seem stuck in this singlehood, let’s examine some of the reasons why you might still be single.
Yes, yes, I know...there is nothing like a high standards. Cool! in the real sense of it, there shouldn’t be since love knows no barrier, love knows no gender, age, title, race, height, and many more. When you are in love, nothing matters. However, this seems to be a saying that arose during the Shakespearean era, for Romeo and Juliet. Nowadays, love really has three eyes and it looks bright before selecting.
This is my point. That crush of yours, who is always on your mind, stealing your sleep, keeping you up all night, taking your appetite away, he isn’t your co-worker at work or your senior in school or even your boss. No, it’s none of them, it is Wizkid or Olamide. Ever since you heard his song, you have always dreamt of him, hoping to meet him so you can have sex with him and become one of his baby mamas with hope to get him to marry you. Or your crush is even your father’s friend who seldom comes to your house but you fell in love with him once you were matured enough to or your best friend’s boyfriend/husband and people like that.
All these people have something in common, they are unreachable to you. Yes they are human, but the conditions they are make they a little bit farfetched and to keep your stubbornness to having them is going to make it impossible for you to move or with your life or have a meaningful relationship.

But you want to know how you can have any man of your choice and live the dream live you have ever wished for? Be successful. Channel or you desires into your craft and come out successful, then come back to this article and you’ll realise what I’m saying.

Like I stated earlier, it takes some girls longer to fall out of love and move on with their lives than other. Some girls couldn’t even fall out love that they eventually commit suicide. I know suicide is far from your plan because it should never be a plan. So you are still taking your time off and no man seems appealing at the moment. Sweetheart, I’m with you on this, take all the time you need in the world. Committing to a relationship comes with its pros and cons, some you might be ready for, some you might not be. So take your time with healing, and then you can select the best person for you.

This is every beautiful and hot girl’s anthem. Well some men are very intimidated by beauty and class, maybe you’ve portrayed yourself in a certain image above the standard around you, this is a very good thing because it means not every tom, dick and harry can walk up to you but this also put you to a disadvantage. Men become insecure around you which is not your fault but their inability to level up to you. This means only men with high confidence in themselves can approach you and girl, at the end of the day, that is to your advantage. Maybe you are even too pretty and you know it. This automatically sieves the type of men that approach you. Many will admire from afar but will never summon the courage to walk up to you.
While growing up, we were all a victim of culture and traditions, whether you accept this or not. There are some values that have been instilled in us, while many have saved us, many have worked against us. Now don’t get this wrong, the best values are to be appreciated as they have helped to preserve us during this changing era.

For example, a girl or a boy who is attracted to the same gender have been taught how morally ignorant and sinful that is, so he or she would never want to compromise her values for her sexuality, or a rich girl who has been taught never to date below some age brackets, or a girl from a tribe who can’t marry from another tribe. The same vein for a virgin who traditionally believes she should wait till her wedding night before giving herself out to a man. All these are factors that can hinder you from finding the love of your life. In this age and era, a virgin is considered an old school and not a ‘girl-friend material’. Who want to wife you if he doesn’t court you first?.
Now it depends on you to determine what is best for you. The fact that other girls are doing these things and compromising their values/believes to be with a man does not mean it favours them, they just won’t tell you what they don’t want you to know. So be careful what you choose to compromise. Values that come with Religions, tribes are important and sensitive issues to think about before choosing a partner.

Absurd, right? How can being a marriage material be the reason why you are single?. Let me explain why, we move around in a community of very hormonal, inconsiderate and selfish generation of men who would choose to ‘enjoy’ their bachelor life before deciding to settle down and top on the list of their enjoyment is sex without commitment. Being a marriage material used to be a good thing until the saying ‘men are scum’ became mainstream and then they realised that they cannot continue having sex without expecting to wife you. If you can’t have sex without expecting marriage, you probably might not get along with this generation of men. However, if you are pretty, with great personality, great in bed, make your money, good in the kitchen, good at maintain the house, can I continue the list? You sure know what I am arriving at.


I was chatting with a man on Tinder few weeks back and the first thing he said to me after introduction was that ‘your man must be enjoying’ I asked why he said that or assume that I have a man and he said ‘all girls have a man’. Now there is this notion that all girls are taken or attached to someone and if you are pretty enough, you might be getting this on a daily. Not that being taken is a problem to some men but I can assure you that those that don’t see being taken as a problem are the list best of men for you as they won’t care enough not to cheat on you when y’all together.

Maybe you are a member of the Association of Side-Chicks of Nigeria, you might even be the secretary or chair-person you do not know. But what’s certain is that no matter how intimate and into a man you might be, he would never treat you as a partner if he has a whole girlfriend. Yes I know this is not the case all the time but have you checked your own case? Open your case file and examine how deep you are first before refuting this. Of course, if he is single but doesn’t want a relationship, there is high tendency that you would know this and be certain of this but if he is all corny and fishy about it, then something is on his sleeve. He might even help you with it and tell you he’s got a girlfriend but you still stick with him. You are very single my sister.

Them men be like, ‘I want my woman to be independent and have something going for herself’ until they find a woman that is actually independent and goes to work nine hours or a day and attend sometimes to work during weekends. Then the tune changes to ‘oh you work too much, what do you need that I don’t give you, I want a woman who can help raise my children’ and many more. As seen in the past, women sacrifice their career for their marriage multiple folds than men do and this is no co-incidence. So if you are about your work a lot, and put out the aura that you do not really need a man or his money, then there is high probability that you will loose him just before you have him. A number of time, this has nothing to do with you but their ego, a woman who doesn’t need a man’s money has incapacitated him, he will feel worthless no you and not needed, he might feel like your ‘sex slave’ if y’all have sex a lot. It shouldn’t be this way but this is how it is.
Oh you are the prettiest girl you have ever laid your eyes on, you get everything you want just by wanting it, you control men with a snap of your finger, you have grown to have an ugly personality that people don’t want to associate with. It is what it is, no one wants to live with an animal in human form. Don’t live your live as if your life has more value than others because when death comes, you are not going to heaven with anything. Yes you are richer, prettier, and more intelligent than other people but humility is the beauty of it all. No, don’t let anymore ride you or take advantage of you, always stand up for yourself and the people around you but don’t let anyone or anything turn you into a monster. You don’t have to give your lunch to other people or help the lame name or the road or divide the money on you with the next person but you don’t have to make other people’s life miserable just because you are in it, being mean will only rid you of your conscience, humanity and happiness.

With the demons flying around, corrupting the angels, it’s kind of understandable why you would be scared of being in a relationship or giving your heart and body out. Maybe your experience has hindered you from seeing the good in people, or maybe it’s just a personal decision to be alone, when you don’t put yourself out there, no one will see you. When you dress to be invisible, I promise you that no one will see you. So once you know you are ready, get yourself up, make yourself available, don’t be a snob, look relaxed around men and you just might garb your Mr. Right by his collar.
Do you agree with this list?

Tell me why you are single and i might rely for you to be our lucky winner for today.



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