A time would come, when everything would appear so familiar, like something that has happened before. A Déjà vu. This time would hold the sunrise just beyond your reach. The air in your nostril would hold pleasant smells. This time, there would be roses everywhere, anything you eat will taste like honey. The music will be soft,  a wonderful sound will envelop your entire world and everyone and everything around you would make you feel great. This is the time to be most careful, the time when your entire consciousness needs to come alive. What you thought was IT would eventually just be a smoke screen. This is not to spell doom, for this is life my boy.  There is a Ying and a yang, a you and a me, a To and a Fro, a good and a bad. Life is just a piece with two sides and it is normal, very normal.

Then, a time would come when everything and everyone would become so strange like something out of this world. The grasses will no longer be green, the trees will no longer dance when the cool breeze comes to pay respect, and the birds of the air would be the most vile creature you would ever see. So much strangeness will encompass your world; everything you once knew, even your own self would astound you. And again,  this is very normal. Life gives us everything and nothing . Everything to appreciate its power and nothing to seek for it.

It is the change that we ought to be most familiar with and so guard everything with utmost seriousness and utter dedication.  It is easier to lose something than to gain, and to gain it you have to work twice as much.  Again, you have to be extremely careful with what you have been given. For nothing, almost nothing happens by chance. Son, when you realize the truth you can never be crucified for it, for it will set you free.

Right now, I want to apologize for not starting this letter like I should have, I was so in a haste that I forgot protocols but I hope you will understand and forgive me. There is so much I wish I could let you know, everything I went through; the ups and the downs, the hitches here and there, things I wish I did and those I wish I never did…sometimes I wish I could go back in time to make things better, go back in time to right my wrongs, but, I would never trade anything for the experiences, for everything it has taught me. It made me stronger and wiser and even more courageous.
It made me appreciate life, to enjoy every bit of it. To never take for granted all that has been given me.  To prepare, to make hay while the sun still shines.

You have to understand, wherever you go; wherever you might find yourself; however far it may be from home; nothing, absolutely nothing, remains the same and nothing is really as it seems, not even YOU. At some point in time you are bound, everyone is bound to undergo some form of change, or another in their lives. And as you are changing, others around and far are doing same  and so, you have to learn to be vigilant and flexible to/ with the unfolding events. There is nothing wrong with it ‘’itself’’, the only trouble comes when you leave yourself behind to/ and become someone else. This might happen, and so I warn you. Never lose yourself in the process of finding something you think is important.  I warn you not to take life too seriously and not too casually either.  Learn to understand the balance


This is how the universe operates, always scheming for balance in one way or another. You must always learn to appreciate friendship though, and learn to cherish family with your whole heart. There is nothing more fulfilling than being in the company of the people who love and mean the world to you. Despite the fact that you should be aware of all these things, you should also love yourself because; only in loving one-self will you be able to love another. Love life, have fun to the fullest .life is truth, you must know this. Do good,  work hard.
This is not the end but you will learn so much as you grow older and you will see that the world is not all evil and all good.  The world is not just all hate and savagery

In conclusion, my child, this is the beginning...

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