Let me in on your thoughts , I really want to know. A little more of your time, a little more of your space, a little more of everything you truly don't like sharing. Your life isn't really as annoying as you would have yourself believing, maybe you only need a little bit extra to your ordinary to become that beautiful dream .

Have you ever wondered that maybe If you did things differently you could have turned out better, better than who you now are?
Has it ever crossed your mind that maybe life dealt with you cruelly and that you were given less than you deserved?
If you were given another chance at living your days all over again, what changes would you effect in the person you now are?
...and when you fight with your feelings and everything that makes you sane you come with terms with reality
When we get older with a little bit of experience we are more inclined to knowing and seeing what truly matters and what doesn't, we excuse sarcasm and every little emotion and, when emotions tug at each other and at one another and clouding perspective, we seat and look again.

I didn't just come here something brought me here, something I didn't think had the strength to. It was on a hot Sunday afternoon after mass at the cathedral that I got a call from my childhood friend who was excited on the news of the job he got offered, that reality settled on me.

I was happy for him, totally excited for the direction his life was about to take.  The thing is he was rough, he didn't have the best of results, he took the supposed wrong path, but the truth is he put himself out there irrespective of the past he knew he had. He made do with the reality he now sees.

Is life fair?  Maybe not, but how can you be completely certain?  Do you have the design?
We hold on too long and cry far too hard for a hold... long gone. We fight everyday for a battle already won but we do it anyways because that is the only thing we do know how to, the only thing we have been taught. We have been fed lies but we did the chewing, we were put on the wrong path but we did  the walking.

I call on us with a voice so low, so lost because I too have been crying for the realization of an age-long slavery. Slavery from ourselves, slavery from the truth...

Where do we have to get to before we wake up and what realization do we have to encounter to take that hard decision?  Sometimes we reshuffle our situation thinking a solution has been found for it,  not knowing we only exchanged one familiar challenge for another not so familiar one. There are times when we set alarm and then when it goes off in the morning we either put it off or ignore it because deep down we know we can still make up for it and at other times when the alarm goes off we quickly wake up because we know consciously or subconsciously how disasterous ignoring the alarm would be.  

These are the categories of people in this world: Those who have resources and those who do not. Those who need a certain kind of resources and those who do not
There are those who have resources and know how to effectively and efficiently use them in the best way possible. And those who do not.
There, also exist a handful of those who have these resources and are totally clueless as to how to put these resources to proper use.

Tell me your thoughts that only struggle knows, positive vibes that only memory holds. Feel your fantasies and spirits with adventures that only you can.  People are always sure of their opinions and it’s almost impossible to convince a mind that knows its own that something else works until such a point is proven.  Most often than not, if not always, points are proven by actions rather than Inaction. By trying, by going far beyond the possible;  you build a world thought impossible, you become a pacesetter, a study, a perspective for those unable to carve a path, or to see a clear one.  Whatever you can, just do it. 

I am not perfect.(Wait, this is totally absurd; can any man ever be?). Far from it. I am in fact more ordinary than anyone I have ever come across in my life but I want to be more. I want to be more than ordinary, I want a little extra of everything I have ever been and if all I have ever been was ordinary then its only logical that I want to be extra-ordinary



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