Have you ever found yourself wondering why you are not at the level you ought to be ? Why things aren't working as they should? Why you lag behind people you know you are better than ?As humans, it is almost easy to know people we are smarter than and yet somehow they fare better than us in areas that ordinarily we should lead.
There are too many information flying around this days and too little time to get even half of it. And on top of that, the information are not assured, the credibility is almost questionable. In this world it   is almost tasking figuring out what works and what doesn't for the same tactic that worked for one doesn't always work for the other  .
To get ahead in this life, to stay on top of your game you have to do what no one has done in ways that will work just the same way it does for those who are leading in life. Here are four points to take your smartness to the successful level you ought to get to

Walking down a road, the wrong road and doing so with apt attention will not take you to your destination . In this era of innumerable distraction, focus is the ultimate. Knowing the right books to read, the right crowd to follow, the right news to devour and whatnot is paramount. One can't just be too busy doing something unproductive and expect to get ahead with only an ounce of hope that everything has its time. And of course everything with its own design but focus at a work or a thing that has been proven over time to work will give you an edge over others who venture in similar area. Anything worth doing is worth doing well, and focus will help you achieve that. Learn how to sieve information. Know what is productive and what is just time consuming. Learn from pattern and know that information isn't really power, knowledge is; so if you gather you information correctly and concisely and channel it at an endeavor with the most recent 'know-how' you are sure to be on your way to success.

You can't be looking for clothes and then go to the vegetable market and you can't be looking to have a good time and then go to a house of mourning. Each to their own, our difference makes us unique. You want to become successful in life, you want to be walking with the successful people.You want to be a leader, you have to walk with one. Your social circle really does matter, the people who think like you or better would challenge you to becoming better than you currently are. Try not to be the smartest person in the room, and even if for any reason you find yourself feeling so, do not rush into conclusion, one can  never limit his wealth of knowledge. There is this joke that is a fact; if you are taller than me, it only means I am shorter than you. Learning is continuous and unending, you can learn from anyone but if you want to be the best at anything, you have to learn from people already succeeding at it and this has to be by association, by interacting with people in that area of expertise. To be focused, consider handwork and dedication
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You have to grow everyday, we grow everyday. No experience is a waste. Every experience is a learning curve. The school environment is like life's melody, you have to put in the words. Nobody gets everything at once, nobody knows it all. A little bit here, a little bit there and you are on your way to knowing much but you have to be known for something, something much more than everything. Teach yourself, learn from everything and everyone as you constantly challenge yourself to becoming a better version of yourself.
To grow you have to be healthy. Good exercise and good food, eating the right kind of food at the right time. Read books regarding the kind of things you want to be vast in; read 'how to' books and learn a skill or two. You don't have to be book smart alone

To be disciplined you have to keep to your timetable but keeping to your timetable doesn't mean you don't have to squeeze in one or two things in, once or twice. Nothing is permanent, not even change. It is the ever changing world that makes life intriguing, interesting and challenging. No challenges, no progress. The things we face and overcome make us appreciate purpose.
To succeed completely, to reach the height that holds your interest you have to do much more than just being and acting like everyone else. You have to deliberately choose the people you want to work with and work towards the goal you set out to achieve with such focus and passion that balances your everyday life.

Live life and enjoy yourself, nothing is really that serious. Success is a deliberate action, it doesn't happen overnight. The universe is not accidental either, it operates with our force. Somehow we are paid with the amount of energy we put into a thing, and somehow the universe sometimes chooses to surprise us. Learn to work the flow



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