There is so much in life that sharing your life with the right person just effortlessly tops the list . Not everyone wants to get married but the majority of the world populace that wants to, would like very much to do so with the right person by their side. But is there really such a thing as the perfect partner, or is the world so much in a haste to find perfection that they burden humans with such a weight as the reach for perfection? There has been testimonies of how married couples have been able to stay together for a very long time and I know you would very much like to know the secret behind their success. The truth about finding the perfect person to fit your life is making your life perfect enough for them to be able to come in .
Here, we will take a look at some of the things that could make your relationships, your home a place that one can remotely call perfect.

Forget that thing you do with your partner that you want to raise down the roof with your screams! . Have you ever tried it nice and slow, steady to the rhythm, exploring the most intrinsic parts of each others body, sucking in their smells and moans and basking in the euphoria of their feelings ? I bet you don't want to do that, because you don't want to catch feelings. Of course! there are times when you have to up the tempo, take it in raw and just let it all go bang bang bang. Of course, there are times when you both don"t have time for all the mushy mushy, but whatever you do, take your time to make love.
Forget that thing you do when you have to rush down for a meeting, and so your mind is divided. Forget the whole sex is just sex thing. Love making is more than just sex, it is spiritual.

love is really not overrated, love is just what it is, love. love is like truth.Truth is truth, the fact that no one stands up for it doesn't make it any less truth. The way we feel is overrated however .Create the life that you want.If you want Peace be peaceful, and if you want a home, make room for one.
My girlfriend and I are strongly opinionated, passion driven and completely polar opposite. We hardly ever agree and yet somehow we come to similar conclusions, almost every time. It is not magic, it has nothing to do with giving up, and letting the other person win. When we disagree or argue, we do so knowing each of us have our opinions and reason for disagreeing and we respect our differences and move on. We love each other and we want to be together. This is something most of us ignore, we look at the smaller picture rather than the bigger screen. We have our differences ( this is what makes us human, it is our mark of uniqueness) not because we want to and we find ourselves disagreeing, yet we respect our differences.
You have to be aware of who you are and who you want to be with. What you want and with who. These are facts staring at us daily that we ignore without realizing we do so. You have to be deliberate about your success, about your values and about your future, whatever happens outside is just life and life happens to all of us. You have to realize that you are not your feelings so don't let it own the most of you

Most of the reasons why people fight is largely due to misunderstanding. If we understand one another why would we disagree? If we listened, really listened why would we not understand? We are most eager to be understood and so we forget to be understanding. Most people keep quiet not to listen but to gather their thoughts for an annihilating comeback. Humans are bound to forget the wrongs done to them but it is almost impossible to completely forget the way the things you did to them made them feel. Feelings are important, it is our way of showing we are still alive and our senses work just fine

Everyone desires some 'thank you' here and now, and some 'that was a beautiful thing you did'. Nothing like a good meal, a glass of wine to wash down a hard days' job, so too nothing like some compliment and appreciation to your partner after they have done something worthwhile . Show them you care and appreciate every single one of their effort. Make effort to make them see how important they are to you.No matter how small their effort, let them know you appreciate more than they know. Show them that you respect and care about how they feel, about what they think and the decisions that they make.  Buy gifts for them, one that means something to the both you, that serves memory well; they shouldn't be really valued in monetary terms but more value should be placed in what the gift means to the occasion at hand

Be who you want your partner to become. Be nice, loving, understanding, caring, adventurous, daring, responsible, sweet, adorable. Express the values you want to see in your partner. listen when they are ranting, share in their pain, bask in their joy. Help each other out. Do things together. Share the chores at home. Cut the vegetables while she is steaming the meat, wipe the dishes while she is washing them. Share your time together. See a movie together even the ones you are not interested in, find out why they love that particular one that much. Whatever you do just be there for each other

Dreams make everything beautiful. You can never go wrong dreaming. They are wish list written down somewhere, on a piece of paper or on the side of our mind. Plans made aeons ago, that needs to come to life. We go about our everyday life with these wish list and hoping to accomplish every single one of them. The thing about dreams is that it keeps our mind fixated, but life isn't cast on stones, it happens. We meet someone and try to match them line to line against our wish list and almost completely finding our partners falling short on more than one counts. The reason why our dreams usually never come true is because we don't understand our dreams to fully be able to accomplish them.Maybe, just maybe the wish list is just how we are, but our partners shouldn't be anything close to who we are, they should be more or less be able to complement us. Just maybe. Why go through life with an idea in mind and follow through with it inch by inch, rather than experience the boundless opportunities made known as we canvass its numerous possibilities? No doubt, dreams are important but they should give us projections on how things could be and not how things should be

There is no such thing as a perfect life, if there is I don't want to be a part of it. The reason why most people have BFFs is largely due to the experiences or memories between the people in question. Memories just make things much more beautiful. find someone you can tolerate and make that person your perfect half. Make memories with them, compromise when you have to, but most importantly, love



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